Original Textile Solutions for Upholstery & Design

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Sustainability does not mean only ecology: being a sustainable company means satisfying  the needs of the present without burdening future generations, developing products and services that courageously face new challenges.

Investing in research and development, exploring new business models and implementing energy production systems with low systemic impact. 

Being a sustainable company does not only mean respect for the environment but also saving raw materials and economic resources, respect for the health of workers and consumers, equal opportunities, respect for human rights, rationalization of creative and production processes, stimulus for innovation and research,  in one word: Responsibility.

Sustainable Italian production

Water purification system for environmental protection
Low temperature processing with low Co2 emissions
Self-production of energy with solar panels
Efficient production with 4.0 machinery
Recycling of textile waste for the production of padding
Recycling of steam to power machinery


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